You’re invited into several small, 

deeply connected worlds, 


to find things inside them.

  • Like a video game, it unfolds and invites you to explore the world.
  • Like a novel, it’s full of stories that add up.
  • Like a dance, it changes time.
  • Like a painting, it changes point of view.
  • Like a play, there are characters who want things.
  • Like a musical, they sing for no realistic reason whatsoever.
  • Like a film, it's like a dream.

It’s music.  

It’s character and story. 

It’s fragmented. 

And it adds up to something uniquely yours. 

(And it isn't for everyone.)


The album will unfold over 34 weeks (accumulated in real time, below). 
17 releases with a 2 week interval between each. Plenty of time to listen and get inside of it. 
Visit the blog for details on each song and to let me know what your experience is like

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